Floating Adventure

Featuring the world’s largest inflatable water park. Our inflatable slides and floats are shaped into ‘Indonesia’ if seen from above. It is an extremely fun water sport at the beach and a key attraction to tourists and locals. It includes 138 games to climb, jump and enjoy the slides. The capacity is for 600 people per hour due to safety reason and a minimum age of 6 years.


Hot Air Balloon

Imagine floating over Bali in a hot air balloon, and you’ll understand why we’re so excited that Aqua Dreamland is bringing first ever hot air balloon experience in Gilimanuk, Bali. Each flight will take the (23 meter) hot air balloon for a five- to seven-minute ride, climbing 50 meters above the ground and allowing a maximum of (two adults, two children under 12, and a certified pilot).



Explore the underwater activity in Gilimanuk and enjoy the wonders of the marine life and beautiful corals everywhere. Underwater sites range from sheltered and shallow coral gardens to vertical reef walls smothered with sea fans. From seahorses to schools of snappers, vivid gorgonians to reef sharks, sand banks with garden eels to magnificent formations of hard corals. You will be provided with your own guide who will be able to show you over the reefs and make sure you have a fantastic time.



There is nothing like the feeling of being able to breathe underwater. Bali is a paradise for underwater safari in the Indonesian archipelago as the diversity of marine life around the island is exceptionally rich. To our excitement, here in Gilimanuk if you take a close look you can find a lot of rare underwater creatures such as frogfish, nudibranch, seahorses, yellow-margin moray eels, snake eels, sea snakes, cockatoo fish, juvenile rabbit fishes, flounders, ghost pipefish and dragonets.


Island Hopping by Boat

Beyond the bars, beaches and water parks, there are so much more things to explore in Bali. So get yourself out and hop on the boat to get to the islands around Gilimanuk.



Experience the beautiful sunny mornings and afternoons paddling along the shoreline. It’s easy, fun and memorable with friends or family. Our kayaks along with life vests and paddles can be found at our Beach Club. Our life guards will be there to help you choose the best routes to enjoy the beautiful scenes and to ensure your safety.



G-Town stands for Gilimanuk town. It is a street full of traditional houses from around the world, made for children 2-12 that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play. Kids can independently explore outdoor space with more than 10 exciting careers that they can try.


Little Petting Zoo

Inside our park, you’ll find a petting zoo filled with small farm animals. You can visit the chickens, ponies and feed the rabbits. It is a fun place where kids and people of all ages can interact with animals.

Choo Choo Train

Little ones will enjoy a journey on the Choo-Choo Train, travelling past trees and going around the park. Kids under 105cm must be accompanied.


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